Hi! I’m Toni, a digital product designer.

My background as a former marketing strategist makes me understand good design not only as a good experience but also as a way to sell and loyalize. 

I am passionate about customer experience and how users interact with a product. My moto is to avoid complicated UXs and make the customer journey as simple as possible to convert that sale. That’s why for every project, I try to understand who are my personas and how I can make their life easier by ensuring a pleasant user flow and also that they can enjoy a novel and engaging interaction.

I do most of this work through Figma for design and Framer or Invision for animations. Although when I start with the sketches of ideas I always use the best tools you can use, pen and paper.

As a tech enthusiast, I feel the need to learn how devices work and how apps are programmed, so you could find me upgrading my pc or printing some 3D objects while learning how to code in a new framework. For example, I’m currently learning how to make a web app using Vue.js. But I also have some basic knowledge of React because I love to spend my free time continuing to learn more ways to do my job optimally.

During the COVID19 pandemic, I created a solution for restaurants and bars in Spain to digitalize their menus, minimizing the chances of contagion through contact between people. I’ve shared all the processes on my twitter.

I have never lived in the same place. I was born in a small town in the south of Spain, then I moved to Seville where I got my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. Right after graduating, I moved to London to improve my fluency in English, then to Barcelona where I took a Masters in strategic Marketing and Sales, and I am currently living in Munich doing great projects as a freelancer. You can download my CV here.

Places where I’ve lived.

I’m very proud that you’ve invested some time in getting to know me. Now it’s my turn to meet you, so drop me a message if you think that we can work together and tell me about that great project!