Zero waste

I did a redesign of Zero Waste’s website and some features of the company’s brand. It has been an update after about 10 years with the same brand.

Zero Waste is a non-profit organisation that helps to take care of the beaches of the Galician coast and tries to preserve nature without any waste or human impact against the environment.

This organization has been doing its work for more than 10 years and also raising awareness through its social networks and its blog. They have a very important online presence and their website has been active for several years.

It is an organization that I have always admired and to which I proposed a redesign of their website based on WordPress. Currently, this design has been completed and they are waiting to put it into operation.

zero waste association actual design

The main problem of the website was the excess of information and categories that you could find on the main page, besides the design is a little behind the current standards. Many photos with especially big and low-resolution that do not show the quality they have with the important work they do.

The goal to be achieved with this project is to better lead the user to know the philosophy of the company and to know what, who and how they do it. Helping to increase the number of members of their association once they know the work they do.

The solution was to change the layout of the homepage, change some designs for the low-resolution photos and show in a more orderly way the news section which was the most important part of the website today. Besides a more important hierarchy to the membership part.

The process

First of all, I identified the main categories it would have, thus grouping all the menu options in only 3, and giving emphasis to the CTA so that users can become members and support the cause.

The logo and colors have also been changed as it needed a good update after so much time.

I wanted to give the logo a more minimalist image, make it a little smaller and eliminate the numeric “zero”.

new logo for zero waste
Logo and Branding colors

Elimination of the photos in the Hero and substitution by a vector that identifies with the cause of the association and not with the project of the moment they are doing. More persuasive and personal introductory titles for the user in which the history of the company and its work in this society is expressed. This Hero also has a CTA that leads to a membership section that did not exist before.
Just below, the section with the last three news has been introduced instead of putting an infinite number of articles.

Once we pass the news section we have another section where we can see the most important work of the association and its main tasks for human awareness of waste disposal.

new design with vectors
New Homepage

In addition, to show this prototype create the homepage in Webflow to teach its operation more directly to the client. Since it is a fairly quick tool for creating websites and sharing it with the client.

This project is not finished and is waiting to be accepted by the association. This part of the project has been carried out completely free of charge for the association.

I hope you enjoyed this project as i did. It has been a short term project but a great learning experience with the client.