Web design and email automation for a side project in which we help designers improve their web design skills through a 30-day challenge that involves designing hero sections for websites.

Despite the fact that #30daysofwebdesign is not a new challenge, it is still relatively unknown. I did it in March and found several issues that caused it to not become popular among the UX/UI and web design community. You can see the result of my challenge here.

The Problem

The challenge is not about the quality of the design, but the constancy of making designs for 30 days. And it has been proven that during the 30 days you improve your designs, and even when you look at the first designs you made, some of them make you feel a bit ashamed.

However, you have limited time, as you only have an hour to come up with a design, and sometimes you lack inspiration for the challenge because it’s so open.

Our Goal

The goal is to reduce time-wasting and eliminate the reason that many users don’t complete the challenge.

The Process

Every day that I did the #30daysofwebdesign challenge, I invented a business model for the website I was designing. And sometimes it wasn’t that easy. At that moment, I did not know what I was going to design for and some days it took me longer than 3 hours to complete that day’s challenge.

Because of this, and so that nobody is left with a blank canvas, I propose creating an automated newsletter for 30 days. In which the person who registers for the challenge will receive a daily challenge in their email inbox with some instructions. So they don’t waste time thinking about what kind of company they are going to invent for, instead of thinking about the design itself.

After organising the website and creating the brand entity 30 days of web design. The next step was to create the landing page where we attract users from our social networks or referrals to our newsletter by leaving their email and clicking on the “Take the challenge” button.

Once they have entered our newsletter, the user will receive a daily email with a challenge to complete over the next 30 days. Encouraging the user to share their designs on instagram, the social network we use.

In the first 24 hours of the launch of the website we received almost 50 subscriptions to our newsletter with people wanting to take the challenge. Which is absolutely incredible for the reach we have. The Product hunt launch wasn’t the trigger, what did make it grow so much was the UX/UI design community on Instagram.

Currently over 1500 designers have joined for the challenge.

Link to website.