Hi there,
I’m Toni Pareja

I'm a Digital Product Designer who creates meaningful experiences combining the use of design, business, and marketing.

Digital product designer

I’m always learning new ways to improve my work and take my skills to the next level. I love spending my spare time creating small projects where I design and code, like Menuentumovil.com (closed now) which I started in 2020 during the pandemic, and 30daysofwebdesign.com, a 30-day design challenge email automation that already has over 1500 people signed up. I also love to help and teach in everything I learn.

Having a background in Business Administration and Strategic Marketing, I approach UX/UI projects not only in their aesthetics, functionality, and user experience but also as a tool to help companies achieve their business goals.

Why did I choose design?

Because I had been building websites since I was a child as a hobby, and I naturally wanted to make them better and better, not just in aesthetic terms but also from a user’s point of view. I cared a lot about how to structure my websites in a way of ensuring that the users would get the information they want easily.

I currently do most of this work through Figma for product design and to create great prototype animations, user-flows, and taking notes in my research, and Adobe Photoshop for small retouches. Although when I start with the first sketches of ideas I always use the best tools you can use, pen and paper.

I’m very proud that you’ve invested some time in getting to know me. Now it’s my turn to meet you, so drop me a message if you think that we can work together and tell me about that great project!